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Spiritual Services

As I am a guide, my services can be decided on an individual basis when someone comes to me. But of course, people may still directly request any of the following if they feel drawn to them. They range from Spiritual Guidance, Psychic Readings, Assistance in Meditation and Meditating together, Energy Adjustment or Light Healing (also called Reiki) which I call as 'Uriel', Sound Healing through my voice and instruments,   Artwork such as energised Paintings and Talismans. Spiritual guidance can also include Psychic Readings and Reiki, as well as other offerings of mine. This could be to assert where your blockages are in life, or your energetic body, and could assist you in working through these challenges by knowing which areas of your being to focus on.


Reiki Healing - Uriel

Energy healing refers to the manipulation of someone's energy to remove blockages, heal imbalances, and strengthen weakened parts of the energy body followed by the physical and mental body. Working with one's energy is an intimate and effective process that can have wonderful effects on your health and state of mind. It can also assist you in your spiritual evolution, and may bring latent abilities to the surface or develop existing ones. Energy work is not limited by distance or physical presence, so you may request a session online or in person, the result would be all the same. I channel pure light frequencies with love in my heart. I am an expereinces energy worker, and in modern times may be regarded as a Reiki Master or Sekhem Healer. Collectively, I call my unique combination of light energies as 'Uriel'. I chose Uriel because it means 'Light of the Creator' which is a nice way of describing Reiki. Every Person channels a different frequency and intensity of light. So energy healing really is light healing.  It is a wonderful way to directly assist someone in their journey, relieve them of pain or struggles, so that they can use their regained health to spread love and healing to others, as to heal others you have to first heal yourself.

Image by Conscious Design

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing refers to the process of working with minerals through meditation and physical contact. Crystals all have their own unique vibrations and have very spiritual energies. They work on both the energy and mental body, as well as the physical body, so they can be used on a gross and a subtle level. Suitable crystals may be placed on specific spots on and around the body, to make that body part resonate with and be influenced by the vibrations of the crystal, resulting in a harominsation of one's being. It can stimulate the balancing as well as opening of the Nadis and induce higher states of consciousness in the form of meditative states. One way of approaching crystal healing is to make sure the crystals are clear and charged, and then to simply let them do their thing on the person. Another approach would be to combine the crystal treatment with reiki, in which case the crystals would amplify and kind of channel the reiki energy, and vise versa. This would be a very powerful approach and can cause strong changes within one's being. Considering both of these approaches, one should request whichever they are more called to and feel ready for. Crystals are wonderful allies on our spiritual path.


Sound Healing

Sound Healing refers to the process of causing changes on all levels of the being through deliberate use of sound. Everything in the existence is a certain vibration, and where there is a vibration there is bound to be a sound. Our beings too, are just a complex amalgamation of sounds. So one may directly influence the energy, mental, and physical bodies through accurate usage of sounds. This can cause changes on a quantum level, as certain instruments or one's voice may be used at specific frequencies that resonate with energy centres in the being, causing them to realign and even expand.

For me, sound is Paramount. I find my greatest connection and joy, while playing my Flutes, namely the Ney, Bansuri, and Shakuhachi. I go to such lenghts as to build my own instruments. As such, I offer Sound Healing, which is Reiki Healing, simply in a different form. When I blow my air, my life into the hollow flute, healing sound emerges, which vibrates down to our core and easily to our dna. Sound is immensely powerful and awakening.

 A significant effect would also be the resulting change in one's consciousness, as the sound would change the overall resonance of the being either heightening or dulling one's perception. This is why it is so important to be cautious in our choice of music as well as the sounds we surround ourselves with. Most commonly, people use singing bowls to practice sound healing which are very effective. But other mediums such as drums, tuning forks, flutes, and voice can also be used in powerful manners. 



My heart's wish is to be a supporting guide, and inspire the light of love and knowledge within all beings. You may build a personal connection with me in which I help you move through your life's lessons and develop spiritually by supporting you through advice and insights based on my experience, helping you to find your own answers to your questions and problems. Supporting you energetically through adjustments and clearing, psychic readings, playing the flute, or being there to listen and exchange wisdom to move forward. I may simply be there to listen to you in the embrace of unconditional, unattached love. Whatever I can do support you as a being on the path to realisation, to becoming a shining joyful being, I will put my whole heart into that. This may also be seen as Spiritual Coaching, but is much more varying, and personal than that as it includes a number of my other offerings when needed. If you feel called to this please simply contact me. This service has no fixed price, we may agree on one based on the frequency of our meetings and interactions, what tools I offer you and how much you are willing to give in return.


Psychic Reading


Talisman Creation

Through conversation and connecting to your energy, we can pinpoint an intention for the creation of your talisman and its unique effect. Based on this, and any requests you may have, I can create a customised arrangement of symbols, geometry, materials, colour, and infused energy to create a Unique Talisman for you. It may help with shielding against lower vibrations and ill will, assist in your spiritual evolution, or provide healing to your body and mind. It is a form of channeling art which comes alive through the infusion of energy and attunement to your being, also called blessing. This is a beautiful, personal opportunity to align with your inner strength and blessings which you can then share with the world. Every Talisman I create is unique and special.


Nadi Astrology - Palm Leaf Reading

As part of my service I work with a company called ''MyPalmLeaf'', as a Moderator and German Translator for Palm Leaf Readings. The Palm Leaves are a form of Nadi Astrology, and were used as mediums by the Ancient Indian Rishis to hold the life predictions of many individuals. Each leaf was dedicated to one person and was written thousands of years ago, as the Rishis possessed such a spiritual magnitude that they could see through time with ease. Aside from detailed and information rich predictions about one's life which provide guidance, the palm leaves state which karmic blockages or ''doshas'' one has and give tools to remove these, resulting in purification and thus progress on one's lifepath. May you make use of these ancient blessings that are waiting for you to be uncovered.

Please use the following Link, which is my affiliate link, to book your reading. You can then request me as Moderator or German Translator, to guide you through your reading.


Healing Art

Similar to but still unlike a Talisman, if you would like to invite healing energy into certain areas of your life or your inner being, I can create a piece of channeled artwork attuned to you. It would function in a similar way to a Yantra (energised form), where it would be infused with energy and intention during the creation process which would then emanate from the picture for you to imbibe in its effects. Depending on the scale and type of artwork the creation time would adjust accordingly, and the main aim of this service is not just the aesthetics but rather the realigning/healing effect it would have on your being. This is a deeply personal offering, unique to each individual and is designed to bless all those around you that lay their eyes upon the piece. Though I already sell spiritual and healing artwork in my Shop, the difference would be that this artwork would be created and channeled specifically for you allowing for more individualised healing effects.

As mentioned, you may purchased already created Blessed Artwork in my shop at fixed prices. To request this specific offering, which would be the creation of a unique piece of blessed artwork for you, please contact me and based on the nature of the work, materials needed, scale and creation time we can agree on a price which may range anywhere from £33 to £111+. 

A Psychic Reading refers to the use of one's psychic abilities and intuition, to retrieve information from subtler dimensions in order to guide and aid a person in their current situation. Please note, that I do not offer fortune telling as everyone's future is in their own hands, and my intention is to help you find the strength and give you the tools to master your current challenges. As such the focus of my psychic readings is on the present and to uncover lessons from the past, to help you move through your challenges and emerge matured. To conduct psychic readings I would use my senses, tarot cards, crystals, or a pendulum.

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