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About Liam Finn - Ananta


After starting to reawaken to my inner self, my soul, and so remembering that I am and have been walking the spiritual path all along, I have continued to evolve and raise my consciousness with the aim of sharing this experience with all the beings around me. I am a guide and yet an eternal student, who lives for the upliftment of the planetary consciousness. In service of the divine, I would like to use my knowledge and gifts to support all beings in their own evolution through my love and light. Through Love, I am including everyone in the sphere of my heart to bring awakening, healing, and transcendence. For my own growth, I practice several forms of Yoga, into which I was initiated by Masters such as Sadhguru, and my personal Guru the Luminous Sri Madhukarnath. Through their grace I am humbly under the guidance of many other divine presences. Thus I make an effort to live in a way that all my actions are dedicated to the divine. People may come to me for connecting with me, working through challenges in their lives and psychic readings, learn sacred knowledge or meditation, participate in group healing and meditation workshops, receive energy adjustments or Light Healing most commomly known as Reiki Healing, or any other motivation that brings them to me. I will be there to interact with everyone on an individual basis and select the appropriate response to their wishes. From an early age I began to see energy, also called prana, around me and being able to feel other's intentions as well as their state of mind. These were abilities which I carried over from my past lives, which amongst others started to redevelop in this life. These states of consciousness and abilities are, however, not the treasure which I carry. My treasure is that I am, and that is all I truly have to offer. Simply being, the experience of my inner light and life itself, is what I am trying to convey through all the services I have listed, which in reality are all ways in which I am trying to express this. I also enjoy expressing myself through artwork, to represent my insights, feelings, and thoughts encoded into arrangements of lines and colour. As well as playing the bansuri (classical bamboo flute), cooking nourishing meals for people, and exuberant movement through Sports or Karate, which is also part of my spiritual development. After my Spiritual Awakening, or rather, Remembering, I began to naturally redevelop my intuition and psychic abilities, being able to manipulate and channel energy. Along with this, I developed a strong sense of calling to serve humanity. My heartfelt wish is to use these abilities, which are in no way special or reserved to me, for the wellbeing and support of all and in complete service to the divine. I am here to inspire all to find their light within, the core of their consciousness. With this intention, I infuse all of my work and sincerely hope that it touches, awakens your inner core so that you too can spread the same consciousness wherever you are in the world. May this be a blessed endaevour,

                                                                                   ॐ Namah Shivaya 

                                                                     ॐ Hreem Shree Gurubhyo Namah

                                                                             ॐ Sri Krishnaya Namaha

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