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Hari Om, welcome to 'Shivananta'. Shiva - Ananta, these two words together, name my portal to connect with people, and to share my light with the intention of helping every being in the evolution of their consciousness.

I am Liam Finn, and through love and my inner calling, I will use this website to offer my abilities, like intuitive Tarot readings to move beyond obstacles, Reiki (light) healing to help clear energetic blockages and activate your energy centres, Reiki and Sound healing through my Flutes, as well as to provide Ancient Indian Astrological Services - such as Nadi Astrology (Palm Leaf Readings).


I am a guide and student, and can offer my services based on the needs of a person, but one may also choose amongst my offerings for themselves and request them. So please, get in contact with whatever you would like to work on about yourself, if you would like to learn, evolve spiritually, or heal and connect with your inner self. I am here to walk the path with you. If you wish, you may contribute to helping me to spread my knowledge and love, by supporting me through making use of my services or music healing, alternatively one can also make donations from the goodness of their heart. May this endeavor be a vehicle for unity, wisdom, transcendence, and healing. I offer all my efforts to the feet of the great divine mind, and my Guru.


Spiritual Services

As I am a guide, my services can be decided on an individual basis when someone comes to me. But of course, people may still directly request any of the following if they feel drawn to them. They range from Spiritual Guidance through Tarot Readings, Reiki Healing which can also be seen as meditating together, while deliberately working on clearing energetic blockages and activating the energy centres. I also offer Sound Healing through my voice and mainly my Flutes like the Bansuri, Ney, and Shakuhachi. I can also offer Crystal Healing, or Runestone Readings. Sometimes I will post Artwork for sale such as Energised Paintings and Talismans. In the near future, I shall also offer handmade, high quality Bamboo flutes. Spiritual guidance can also include Psychic Readings and Reiki, as well as other offerings of mine. This could be to assert where your blockages are in life, or your energetic body, and could assist you in working through these challenges by knowing which areas of your being to focus on.

My main aim which I am infusing all of these things with, is to simply be there for people.

I am, and essentially that is all I have to offer, to help people remember how to be.


Reiki Healing - Light healing through Presence or Crystals

Aura Cleansing


Sound Healing - Deep Healing and Activation through Ancient Flutes


Spiritual Guidance - Listening and Exchanging wisdom to move forward

Psychic Reading

Psychic Reading

Psychic Readings (Tarot, Crystals, Runestones)


Healing Energy Infused Art

And Talismans

Astrology Prediction

Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology - Ancient Palm Leaf Manuscripts written for YOU.

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